Restart Opens Bank Accounts For 100+ Ukrainian Refugees

Prowly | 7 October 2022

AUSTIN, Texas (USA) - Restart, a unique social impact banking app, has helped over a hundred Ukrainian refugees open a fee-free bank account online.
Polina Shabarova, Restart’s marketing manager stated,“Since April, we have been working to ensure refugees are able to integrate into life in the US. This included offering free English language classes and providing online resources on daily living matters, on topics such as how to pay your utility bills and the importance of building a good credit score. Many refugees had challenges in opening accounts at traditional banks, so we designed a new process that was refugee-friendly, including instructions in the Ukrainian language.”
"This easy account opening process was a game changer. We had difficulty opening a simple debit account at several traditional banks with our unique set of documents. We spent hours and over $100 on Uber, traveling from one bank branch to another, just to learn that they were not able to help us. Even meeting us and our American sponsor did not help. With Restart, we opened an account in a few minutes, without leaving home, and with the help of their Ukrainian-speaking support team.”Tetyana, a refugee from eastern Ukraine.
Also, now with “every swipe” Restart customers can support Ukrainian relief efforts. Dennis Larionov, Restart’s CEO said, “We have just launched a "swipe & give" campaign where 100% of the company's net profit in 2022 goes to providing medical supplies and humanitarian efforts in Ukraine. We invite all Americans to join us in supporting this worthy cause.”
Restart is a social impact banking app offering free bank accounts to our customers. All funds are federally insured for up to $250,000 with the National Credit Union Administration through our official federal credit union partner, USALLIANCE Financial.

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