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How to look for a job in the USA?

Tips, links, resources

Best job boards and job search engines

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    Keep focus

    Pick 2-3 job search websites you like best and focus on them.

  • 2

    Good resume

    Create a template for your resume that’s easily customizable for each job application. Perfect length is 1 page.

  • 3

    Many vacancies

    Apply for as many relevant vacancies daily as you can, as not all of your applications will make it to a lie recruiter. To increase your chances, edit your resume’s keywords for each vacancy.

  • 4

    Mock interview

    Ask some of your knowledgeable American friends to run a trial interview for you. Find sample questions online by typing in “sample job interview questions for … (your desired position)”. Some good tips and tricks for a successful interview can be found here.

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